The Commandos’ new target... tobacco on our screens!

The Oxygen Commandos are sick and tired of seeing tobacco play a leading role in films and on TV. They’re on a mission to reveal the negative influence scenes with tobacco have on kids.

  • To present hard-hitting sketches in public spaces.
  • To demonstrate how effective smoking scenes are at promoting the supposedly glamorous side of tobacco.
  • To denounce the complacent use of tobacco on film.
  • To demand a reduction in the excessive use of tobacco on screen.

Why denounce on-screen tobacco?

The repeated and often pointless use of tobacco on TV and in movies has a dangerous influence on youth. In fact, young people regularly exposed to scenes of smoking in films run three times more risks of taking up smoking.

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Who are these heroes?

The Oxygen Commandos star teens aged 12 to 18, both non-smokers and smokers, who want to do their part against tobacco. These teens attend secondary schools, youth centers or community organizations all over Quebec. They might be members of an amateur theatre group, of a Youth Coalition Against Smoking, or simply be a group of cinema buffs. They have one point in common: they’re concerned by tobacco use.

To carry out this new mission, the Oxygen Commandos receive a production kit free of charge, which includes:

  • A guide proposing 6 compelling sketches on the topic of on-screen tobacco.
  • Effective and original promotional and education material.
  • Costumes, accessories and staging props.
  • A DVD including five short videos with professional actors who support the actions carried out by the Commandos.

Action ! We’re rolling…

The Commando oxygen project is back and running up again. Sign up online or contact Christine Demers at the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health.

Phone: 514 948-5317, ext. 223    Fax: 514 948-4582